Contact SENDCo

The following are the main contacts for Special Educational Needs and Disability at our school:

  • Mrs E Lee is the Head Teacher
  • Mrs K Robinson is our designated Special Educational Needs Coordinator
  • Ms H Armstrong-Flemming is our SEND Governor

It is the SENDCo’s job to:

  1. Oversee the day-to-day operation of the school’s SEND policy
  2. Liaise with the relevant Designated Teacher where a looked after pupil has SEND
  3. Advise teachers on using a graduated approach to providing SEND support
  4. Advise on the deployment of the school’s delegated budget and other resources to meet the pupil’s needs effectively
  5. Liaise with parents/carers of pupils with SEND
  6. Liaise with and be a key point of contact for external agencies
  7. Ensure that the school keeps the records of all SEND pupils up to date
  8. Work with the head teacher and school governors to ensure that the school meets its responsibilities with regard to reasonable adjustments and access arrangements by phoning the school on 0191 581 3047.

If you would like to discuss your SEND requirements in detail please contact the school to arrange an appointment.