School Nurse Service

The School Nursing Service now comes under The Family Health Service team. The 0-25 Family Health Service team includes Family Health Visitors, Family Health Specialists, Public Health Nurses, Emotional Resilience Nurses and support staff. The website address is: 

Every school and GP practice will continue to have a linked Specialist Public Health Nurse to ensure communication and referrals into the service are easy and accessible. They operate a School Nurse Parent Advice Line, for support or advice please ring this number:  

03000 263538 (Monday-Friday 9-5pm). 

The school nursing team may be able to offer support to families via 

  •          Telephone appointments
  •          Online appointments
  •          Face to face appointments in a clinic, if appropriate 

Or it may take the form of information and guidance regarding the support and advice offered by other  agencies. The school nursing team can make referrals for families to other services where needed.  

Parents can contact the team on 03000 263538